12 Oct

Best DVD Ripper for Surface 2-rip DVD to Surface 2 for watching

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Want to rip DVD to Surface 2? DVD to Surfce 2 Ripper is your best choice. With this Surface 2 DVD Ripper, you can rip and convert DVD to any format for surface2. You can play the converted video on Surface 2 anywhere anytime.

Watch DVD movies on Surface 2

The Microsoft Surface 2 tablet is thinner and lighter than the model released in 2012, but the difference is likely to go unnoticed. It weighs 675 grams and has a thickness of 8.9 millimeters, so it is only 5 grams lighter and 0.1mm thinner than the previous Surface RT. These figures rank it among the heavier 10-inch tablets out there.

Our thumbs-up goes to Microsoft for outfitting a high-res, 10.6-inch screen on the Surface 2. It has a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels and an aspect ratio of 16:9, which makes it ideal for any task from watching movies or playing games, to surfing the internet or browsing through your photo gallery.

"How can I play DVD on Surface 2?" As a popular video file, .vob video can not only provide people high definition movies but also multiple subtitles for selection. However, providing Surface 2 fails to support DVD video playback, it is quite troublesome to play DVD on Surface 2. Generally speaking, there is a way to help users enjoy DVD with Surface 2. Downloading powerful DVD Ripper for Surface 2 and converting DVD to Surface 2 video.

While many people already have a burgeoning DVD collection, there aren't many who know how to play DVD movies on their Surface 2. The Surface 2 doesn't have a DVD drive, so you'll need to download and rip your DVD in order to view them on your Surface 2. The best DVD Ripper for Surface 2 will make this process fast and simple. Perhaps the best DVD to Surface 2 ripper is the Surface 2 DVD Ripper.

Free download Surface 2 DVD Ripper trial version (Windows Version | Mac Version)

download windowshttp://www.aovsoft.com/images/guide/download_mac.png

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DVD to Surface 2 Converter

How to rip DVD to Surface 2 via Surface 2 DVD Ripper?

Step 1: Download and launch Surface 2 DVD Ripper, a powerful DVD to Surface 2 Converter.

Step 2: Import the video. Click "Load DVD" button and then choose "Files" option in the drop-down menu to input the DVD video.

Step 3: Set the output video. To make sure users can watch the converted DVD with Surface 2, converting DVD to HD MP4 for Surface 2. Therefore, set the output file as MP4 video for Surface 2 in the drop-down menu of "Profile".

Convert DVD to MP4 for Surface 2

Tip: Make the output video a 3D movie. To watch 3D video with Surface 2, convert the video to a 3D one with this Surface DVD Ripper. Click "Profile" to choose "3D".

Step 4: Start the conversion. After all those steps, click Start button to begin the conversion from DVD to MP4 for Surface 2. When the conversion ends, one can play DVD movie on Surface 2 freely.

1. To edit the output file with this Surface 2 DVD Ripper, click "Edit" icon to enter Video Edit panel. With those editing features given in the panel, one can not only trim or crop the output video but also add video effects or watermark to the output video.

2. To enjoy iTunes movis on Surface 2, follow those steps. Choose "Find DRM Files" option in the drop-down menu of "File" to import the iTuens video. Then make the output video for Surface 2 and click Convert button.


Surface 2 Reviews:
I really really want one! I don't need an iPad, it's just a larger version of my phone. I want something that I can work on, and play on. My laptop of 6 years finally died, so I'm saving my pennies for a Surface 2. I go to best buy once a week to play with one.

I would purchase the Surface Pro 2 if Microsoft had done the right thing and moved away from a Content Consumption display ratio of 16:9. This ratio renders the tablet almost unusable in portrait mode.

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